Angeliki Beyko is a web app developer and interactive technologist in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Angeliki's primary focus is EnodiaVR, a wide-scale project that involves building an immersive virtual reality platform for learning and gaming.

Outside of personal projects she enjoys working on awesome new challenges with fun and inspiring people. In addition, she is a regular participant in hackathons that have resulted in some exciting projects: Brainwave Visualizer, Robot Xylophone, and Chorebot. Angeliki is also an active volunteer in the Twin Cities' tech community.

Each month Angeliki can be found volunteering as a mentor at CoderDojo and Rebecca CoderDojo, both nonprofit organizations are aimed at teaching young people STEM skills. Here she teaches young students how to code in Python, Arduino, Scratch, Finch Robotics, Java, HTML and CSS and build their own circuits.

When she is not indoors coding, she can be found Greek dancing at festivals and events, as part of The Greek Dancers of Minnesota. This is a wonderful and inclusive group of warm-hearted individuals, who are all led by an amazing instructor, Dr. Angela Mortari.

Inspired by: Martin Molin, Limor Fried, Becky Stern, Adam Savage, Simone Giertz, Leonard Solomon, Imogen Heap